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The Beginners Guide To A Vegetarian Diet

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to follow a vegetarian diet. This cookbook on vegetarian diet is an ideal diet book for people who want to become a vegetarian. The vegetarian diet offers you countless health benefits and help you avoid overweight, obesity and other ailments. The vegetarian meals are health powerhouses, packed with vitamins, nutrients and every micronutrient you need for a healthy living. Vegetarian meals will make you feel more motivated, energetic and vitalized. By following the diet plan, you will lose visible amounts of body fat in only a couple of weeks. Beside weight loss, vegetarian diet also helps you to prevent heart disease, stroke and lower your risk of developing various cancers.

Mediterranean Diet

RRP $13.99

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Inside you will find FREE reports:
1. 101 Tips That Burn Belly Fat Daily! ($17 Value)
2. The 7 (Quick & Easy) Cooking Tricks To Banish Your Boring Diet. ($7 Value)
3. Bonus at the end of the book.

Learn What Is Mediterranean Diet, Increase Your Vitality, Lose Weight And Feel Better Instantly!

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Feeling tired? Want to eat healthy? Find out what is the best "fuel" for your body. This book contains comprehensive information about the Mediterranean diet, from what you can eat to some nutrition tips and recipes to get you started.

We all want to live a long and healthy life and one of the ways of making this possible is by eating the right kind of food. While most people know the need to eat healthy food for a healthy life, most people are usually confused as to what exactly implieshealthy food. You want to be able to eat healthy foods, without the diet being too hard to follow. This is what everyone loves about the Mediterranean diet, it makes eating nutritious and healthy foods much easier. Why is this so, you may wonder? This book will explain that to you in detail. By reading this book, you will learn what the Mediterranean diet is, what it entails, what to eat while on the diet as well asnutritious recipes that you can try today.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn:

  • What Is The Mediterranean Diet
  • Myths Surrounding The Diet
  • How You Can Benefit From The Mediterranean Diet
  • Effects On Your Body And Mind
  • What To Eat On The Mediterranean Diet
  • Challenges Associated With The Mediterranean Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet Nutrition Tips
  • How It Affects Your Lifespan And Vitality
  • How It Is Related To Parkinson's Disease
  • Is It The Best And Natural Way To Lose Weight?
  • What Is So Good About Olive Oil And Wine
  • One Day Sample Delicious Recipes
  • FREE BONUS At The End Of The Book
  • And Much More!
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Check Out What Others Are Saying:

"The best diet for a healthy heart, low blood pressure and low cholesterol levels - wonderful solution!" - Mason
"This book explains all of the key points. Benefits of the diet are very motivating, definitely worth it." - Noah
"I like so much the Mediterranean cuisine. Sandra's book explains why it's soo good, how it gives you the energy, health and improves overall wellness." - Amelia

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The Dash Diet

RRP $16.99

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Summary to the DASH Diet According to a number of reports from credible sources, there are many medical conditions that we suffer from as a result of the lifestyle choices that we make. One of the most common causes of such conditions is the food that we eat. It is important to make sure that we watch what we eat. Your body will be harmed if you don't watch for what you need to do. The DASH Diet is one of the most popular diets to use today. As a matter of fact, it is recommended over the typical American diet and is touted as one of the best diets ever. This can be utilized to prevent hypertension and other possible life-threatening conditions that might result from not watching your diet carefully. Based on a recent survey, three diets were selected as the best diets of the year. The DASH Diet was awarded the top spot in a study followed by the TLC and Weight Watchers diets in that order of preference. It is important to take note that this diet is not designed to help you cut lose some pounds, but if you do so in the process, then good for you. The main aim of the DASH Diet is to prevent the threat of blood pressure. As a matter of fact, the DASH Diet is not even referred to as a diet by the federal government that proposed the study and further recommended the conclusions, but it is referred to as an eating plan. In the event that you have come across other diets like the TLC diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the Vegetarian diet or even the Mayo Clinic Diet, it should be easier for you to work with the DASH Diet. The pretext to the DASH Diet is based on the fact that it is a lot easier to fight blood pressure by making sure that you eat healthy. Did you know that when you are on this diet you will also be able to keep a good waistline? Well, how about that! The DASH diet simply works on the advantages that you will get from the intake of mineral foods. These include things like potassium, protein and calcium. These usually go a long way in ensuring that you can prevent high blood pressure. You do not need to spend a lot of time monitoring the amount of each that you take in, but all you have to do is to make sure that your diet has fruits and vegetables and you will be good to go. Apart from that, the most important thing that you need to do is to cut down on your salt intake.

The Vegetarian

RRP $17.99

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It is strongly advised that all persons seek advice and guidance from a competent medical doctor regarding and prior to embarking on a vegetarian dietary lifestyle change. This is particularly true for pregnant women or mothers who are breast feeding infant children, senior citizens, growing children, and/or any individual who is suffering from or being treated for any disease or health disorder. This guide is not intended as and may not be construed as an alternative to or a substitute for professional dietary counseling or medical services and advice. This guide is presented with the sole purpose to inform the reader of the vegetarian (vegan) lifestyle and of dietary choices that the reader may wish to make. The authors, publishers, and distributors of this guide have made every effort to ensure the validity, accuracy, and timely nature of the information presented here. However, no guarantee is made, neither direct nor implied, that the information in this guide or the techniques described herein are suitable for or applicable to any given individual person or group of persons, nor that any specific result will be achieved. The authors, publishers, and distributors of this guide will be held harmless and without fault in all situations and causes arising from the use of this information by any person, with or without medical supervision.

Combat Asthma Through Diet Cookbook

RRP $17.95

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This title contains over 50 delicious, low-allergy recipes chosen for their health-promoting properties. It helps you to learn about asthma, eczema and hayfever, and discover how changes to diet and lifestyle can help to combat their impact and symptoms. It features over 200 colour photographs, including step-by-step instructions to ensure perfect results every time. Each recipe features an at-a-glance key to the allergens that it is free from, plus notes on the nutritional content of each dish. It offers expert advice on finding your own illness triggers and information on treatments that can help to improve your health. Around the world today, more people than ever before are suffering from asthma, and the associated conditions eczema and hayfever. "Combat Asthma Through Diet" explains what these conditions are, providing recommendations for foods, recipes and lifestyle changes that may help to alleviate them. The recipe section includes over 50 specially chosen, healing dishes. Each recipe is clearly marked with the allergens that it is free from, helping cooks to decide at-a-glance which dish will be most beneficial to their specific health needs. There are over 200 colour pictures: each recipe has photographic step-by-step instructions, followed by a glorious image of every finished dish, so cooks of any level of experience know exactly what to aim for, and can use the book with confidence.


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